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Year 2

Year 2 homework suggestions 

This page suggests some ways on how best to support your child at home. 
We will not be setting formal homework; however, we know extra support and work at home will help your child progress further in school. With this in mind, we have made a few resources that explain how we teach certain things in school, which could be implemented and practised at home. 



In year 2, there are key skills that can be practised at home to improve your child’s maths fluency. These can be practised on paper, out loud on the journey to school, whilst eating breakfast, or even during bath time! Please look on the website for the ‘Quick maths’ document. 

TTRockstars –  

By the end of year 2, the children should be fluent with 2 X, 5 X and 10 X tables. This includes division facts too. The children can practise these by logging onto TTRockstars (using their Wonde password which has been stapled to their bookmarks). 

Reading unlocks to door to everything. There are two types of reader, those who are learning to read and those who are reading to learn. Whilst your child is working their way through the Read Write Inc program, they are learning to read. When they complete the program, they are fully ready to read to learn - this means that their reading fluency is at a proficient enough level to access various texts across the whole curriculum. The main way to improve reading fluency is the practise, practise, practise. Reading after or before school each day will really benefit your child. 
With this in mind, we have created a video on how to get the most out of the RWI books at home.  


RWI books parent help

A video to explain how to best support your child using the RWi books.

Also, please date and sign the children’s bookmarks (these have been placed in the children’s book bags). Once they compete a row, they will receive a merit from their teacher. 
For those children who are off the RWI program (English group), we encourage to complete Accelerated Reader quizzes. They can complete these at home or in school on a Tuesday. They can independently change their books in the book boxes outside our year two classrooms. 


Spelling - 
We have recently changed the way we teach spelling across the whole school. We now use the Sounds and Syllables method. We have also made a video on how to practise this at home.  

RWI S&S parent help

A video to explain how we teach spellings here at Britannia.

For those children who are no longer on the RWI program, they will be focusing on a particular sound/ spelling pattern each week. Please look at this document that will be updated weekly. We use the same process as explained in the video above.

We appreciate that home life is incredibly busy, so we thank you for your support!