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Pastoral Support

As part of our Pastoral offer at Britannia we are able to give some children the opportunity to work with Mrs Garrod if they are going through a period of difficulty within their life. This could be related to something at home, a bereavement, anxiety or trauma.

Mrs Garrod works with these individual pupils on:

  • positive self-esteem
  • confidence building
  • empathy for others
  • listening skills
  • being optimistic
  • choose to be happy
  • consequences
  • anger management
  • friendships


This pastoral support has received positive feedback from staff, parents and children. 

"Many children that have worked with Mrs Garrod are enthused by their learning and are able to support others in class, especially with friendship issues. I have seen children become more confident and integrate more fully into the class." (Year 3/4 Phase Leader).

"Due to anxiety she would not stay for packed lunch or school dinner but Mrs Garrod has helped her confidence and she has been able to stay for the last year."

"I felt so much happier after talking about my feelings with Mrs Garrod."

"Respect is how you act towards other people and how you treat them."

"Mrs Garrod has helped me with ways to work through my problems and I feel much better now."