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Disabled Access

The school welcomes pupils, parents and visitors with disabilities. We endeavour to ensure that disabled pupils are fully integrated into the life of the school.  Within the limitations of financial constraints we will provide facilities and resources for children with specific physical needs so they can join in the full range of educational and social activities.


We have the following facilities available for pupils, parents or visitors with disabilities:


  • Ramped areas for wheelchair access
  • A hearing loop in the main office reception area
  • Three toilets equipped for wheelchair access
  • One toilet area equipped with hoist and bed
  • Visible fire alarms for hard of hearing (in parts of the school)
  • Lift from ground to first floor
  • Access to the carpark to two disabled parking spaces for Blue Badge holders


The Governing Body of Britannia Primary School and Nursery has a nominated governor who regularly liaises with the school’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator.  

Public Sector Equality Duty


Complying with Public Sector Equality Duty

At Britannia Primary School and Nursery, we do not discriminate against pupils with special educational needs for any reason relating to their specific ability.

Accessibility plans and 'reasonable adjustments'

The school seeks to make itself as accessible as it can possibly be to pupils with physical disabilities. Our accessibility plan sets out how the school intends to:-

  • improve our physical environment
  • make improvements in the provision of information
  • increase access to the curriculum.

Understanding the curriculum

The school always aims to provide optimum access to the curriculum for pupils with special educational needs or physical disabilities.

We seek to look at the best way in which to help pupils access their learning in all areas and ensure that they have full access to a vibrant and engaging curriculum. We also seek to make any appropriate modifications to the physical environment of the school in order to ensure that all pupils are able to take part in all areas of learning. In ICT lessons for example, the school purchases keyboards and whiteboards which help pupils with particular needs access the curriculum and we may purchase software that connects words with pictures.

School transport

While the same basic rules apply to all children, the Education Authority can make a decision to provide transport on a case by case basis for a child with disabilities.

Your Education Authority region office will assess your child's needs when making a decision, taking into account your child's health and/or disability. If your child is offered school transport, the vehicle should have the relevant equipment to suit your child's needs - for example wheelchair restraints, ramps or lifts.

For more detailed information about approved transport arrangement, please refer to your local Education Authority region office Transfer Booklet.

The Education Authority also provide escorts on school transport if needed. You may be able to get help with your own costs for taking your child to school. Your Education Authority region office will be able to advise you on these matters.

If your child cannot attend school for medical reasons

If your child cannot go to school because of medical needs or health problems, the Education Authority will be able to provide advice and guidance on how the needs of your child may be best met.