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Dear 6 Parents/Carers,



Similarly to in Year 5, we use Century in Year 6.

More information about Century can be found here:


Each week we will set the children two ‘nuggets’ (one for maths and one for punctuation and grammar), related to our learning in school. Each nugget has an accompanying video to explain the concept being tested and some questions to answer. We are able to track time spent on Century and how accurate the pupils are. If we feel they have rushed through and not put in much effort, then we will consider that the same as not doing their homework.



We will set weekly Century tasks on Fridays. In addition to this, children are required to have 3 parental logs on their Boom Reader account, to show they have read at home; 10 signatures = 1 merit, so the children are rewarded for reading at home. Both Century and Boom Reader are due in and checked on Wednesdays.


We will also provide the National Curriculum common exception word list for children to be practising at home. We test the children on ten of these words every Thursday. Please note that knowing how to spell most of these words is part of the English SATs assessment for Age Related Expectations.


Year 6 Team

Mrs Jordan, Mr Williamson, Mr Birch and Mr Turner