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“A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world”  (Programme of Study for Computing, National Curriculum).  

At Britannia, we are keen to ensure that we provide pupils with a high-quality computing education and keep pace with the rapidly changing world of technology around us. We have a dedicated ICT suite for weekly Computing lessons alongside a variety of devices to enhance learning across the curriculum.  Our lessons and units of work are constantly adapted to ensure that we are providing an engaging, progressive Computing curriculum through our Britannia Curriculum Concepts - 'Online Safety', 'Programming', 'Create Digital Content', Technological Purpose', and 'Effective Searching'. Basing the planning of our curriculum around these concepts allows the pupils to make links between units of work as they move through the school, which in turn helps them to use prior learning to support their new learning.

The national curriculum now has a much greater focus on computer science and there are opportunities within every year group to create, debug and learn a programming language through software like Kodu and Scratch.

Every class has an interactive whiteboard and visualiser, as well as access to iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, digital cameras and a wide range of software. 


                          Computational thinking skills poster

Examples of the Programming Equipment we use at Britannia

Key Stage 1

Year 1 have been creating digital content by saving their work in Purple Mash. They have learnt to use different types of painting tools.

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 have been using code to make still images move like an animation.

Year 3 have been using software called SUMOPAINT. They have learnt how graphical designers use software like this to aid their designs.

Year 3 have been creating digital content by learning how to make a Power Point presentation about their theme Egypt.

Year 4 have been finding out that we are surrounded by computer controlled equipment which contains INPUTS and OUTPUTS.

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 have been entering data onto a spreadsheet.  They have learnt that accuracy is important.  "If you put rubbish in then you will get rubbish out".  They then tried to analyse the data that they collected.

Year 5 have been using a program called KODU to learn how to design, write and DEBUG code. They have learnt to DECOMPOSE the task.

Year 6 have been making their own websites, learning about page layouts and hyperlinks.

Year 6 Gearsbot coding challenges are teaching the children to think logically and to DECOMPOSE the task into small steps.