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Our School Community FIND Donations April 2022

Mrs Doe is so very proud to report that the Britannia community managed to donate enough food and toiletries to fill 4 large trolleys! We have received a thank you letter which explains that some days up to 34 families are in need of a food bank donation which will keep them going for 3 days, until they hopefully have more permanent support. Maureen at the food bank explained that the need is so great in our area at the moment, that FIND's shelves are at an all time low and they are currently receiving 20 new referrals every day. 

So they are extremely grateful for our donations.

Should you wish to help further, please see FIND's website: 

Our Jubilee Garden Wonder Wood Competition Winners and Reward Day April 2022!

Sale to Raise Money for Ukraine and WWF April 2022

Our sale to raise money for The Red Cross and WWF last Friday was a HUGE success and our wonderful Year 5 pupils raised a total of £106 plus a further £287 in donations, making £393 in total, which will be shared equally between the two charities. 


Thank you to all who contributed items and donations - what a fantastic school community effort! 


Special thanks to Rosa, Elijah, Darcy, Alice and Ettie for all their hard work; we are incredibly proud of them! 

Snape March 2022

On Thursday 10th March 2022, Mrs Lesslie and some other Britannia staff had the pleasure of taking a group of 33 singers to Snape Maltings to take part in their Celebration evening. This evenings involved seven local schools performing their favourite pieces of music in front of a delighted audience of parents and family members.

Britannia performed three songs: 'Our House', 'Words that Can't be Spoken' and 'Banaha'. 

Ten year old Theo Goddard said after the event: "When I was out there on the stage in front of all those parents, I was a little nervous to start with and then I couldn't wait to sing. Once I started singing, my nerves started to fall away and I really enjoyed the whole experience."