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At Britannia, our aims in music education are to:

  • Stimulate subject-specific and cross-curricular learning, through participation and engagement in vocal, instrumental and creative activities
  • Encourage all pupils to enjoy making music, individually, in small groups or as a whole class, in lessons, assemblies and public events
  • Give Music a high profile and cultivate a love of music, an excitement for the subject and enjoyment of all musical activities
  • Satisfy the requirements of National Curriculum
  • Provide the children at this school with the potential to continue and succeed in the subject at their next school, and to work towards qualifications

Our music curriculum follows a clear progression of skills through our Curriculum Concepts. Most of the music work carried out by the pupils at Britannia will be practical and will fall into the following categories: vocal studies (singing, chanting, call and response), percussion work (instruments of indefinite pitch), tuned percussion work and keyboard skills. 

Benjamin Britten Opera in a Day Workshops in Years 3 and 4

Year 3 and 4 children participated in ‘Create an Opera in a Day’ workshops delivered by Britten-Pears.  They learnt about Benjamin Britten and his opera for children ‘Noye’s Fludd’.  The children created music for their version of ‘Noye’s Fludd’.  They explored the animal costumes and created their own masks.  They also decorated mugs as Benjamin Britten used mugs as musical instruments in ‘Noye’s Fludd’.  He referred to these as ‘slung mugs’.

Snape Maltings Celebration Evening March 2024

Mrs Lesslie took a group of performers to Snape Maltings to take part in their celebration of music evening. The children represented the school with an amazing performance! Here is the link to a video of the celebration finale

Many thanks to Mrs Lesslie for all her hard work to give our pupils this fantastic opportunity! 

On Friday 6th October 2023, 24 children from Year 5 and 6 travelled to London to perform three songs to open a professional show at The Wigmore Hall fundraising gala to raise money for the ‘Britten as a Boy’ statue to be displayed at Lowestoft.
The children had a wonderful day travelling to London and visiting The Wallace Collection of art during the afternoon before attending a final rehearsal at The Wigmore Hall late afternoon. By the evening the children gathered anxiously on the back stair well to perform. They were welcomed on stage to huge applause and rose to the occasion to sing their hearts out. We are very proud of them all! - Mrs Lesslie

Snape Recording Session July 2023

The children had a wonderful day recording ‘Just as you are’ by Alexander Campkin and ‘Me’ by Charlotte Harding.  They sang their hearts out during the recording sessions between enjoying themselves as they made the most of the freedom outdoors in the beautiful Snape surroundings.  

On arriving there was a surprise visit from Alexander Campkin.  Alexander led the rehearsal of ‘Just as You Are’.   During the rehearsal, Alexander asked the children how they felt when they sang his song, and they gave some truly honest and meaningful answers.  One of the students said he sometimes feels lonely but when he sings the song with other children it makes him feel like he can join in with others. This was sure to be a day the children will always remember!

Snape March 2023

On Wednesday 8th March, Mrs Lesslie lead our second trip to Snape, enabling a group of 70 Britannia children to perform there. The children worked very hard in preparation for the trip, including singing and instrumental rehearsals and small performances to the other children in the school. They were all a credit to the school at Snape and the performance was one that will stay with us for a very long time! A proud moment in Britannia's musical history.