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Curriculum Concepts

At Britannia, we have developed our Science and foundation subjects curriculum to have a clear progression of both knowledge and skills throughout the school. In order to promote maximum progression, we are focused on the retention of this learning from year to year and our curriculum is centred around the research-based approach of repeated curriculum concepts.

Our curriculum team of subject leaders have developed our own knowledge-based curriculum that aims to inspire and engage our pupils, whilst enabling them to discover cross-curricular learning and build their knowledge and skills in each subject area. 

We teach science and many of the foundation subjects in blocks of approximately two weeks, allowing a real depth of learning, engagement with resources and excellent quality outcomes.

Our Britannia Curriculum Concepts run as threads through our curriculum and help piece together a child's learning through their journey with us, always working towards the bigger picture of achievement at the end of each year group or phase. Each subject has a set of concepts, which appear on all planning, resources and displays. These are the key threads that will be referred to repeatedly throughout the school to instill these core ideas and themes within each subject - please see the concepts below.

Although we are at the beginning of this journey with our new curriculum, we have found this approach to be very effective and are seeing the rewards through the children's enthusiasm, parent comments about learning, outcomes in books and final products and the progress we have seen through teacher assessment. 

If you require further information, please contact our school office. 

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