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Eco-Team Update March 2023

Britannia's Foodbank Donation to FIND - February 2023 - Update!

Spring Term 2023


Britannia's Foodbank Donation to FIND February 2023

Over the last term, children across the school have been learning about the Cost-of-Living Crisis, how they can help their families save money on energy, fuel and water, as well as how other families are affected. This has led to the children wanting to organise another foodbank donation to FIND in Ipswich.

If you would like to donate any food to this amazing charity, please bring your donations to the Bell Door before and after school on Thursday and Friday 2nd and 3rd of February.

See our Eco Club's excellent posters, below, that have been put up around the school.

Autumn Term 2022


Mrs Doe is very excited to have a brand-new Eco Committee and to be running an after-school Eco Club this term too.


This year, the plan is to make a composter and create a vegetable patch. We are also going to get our spring bulbs in and get more of the indoor plants re-potted and rehomed around the school. 


Mondays will continue to be gardening club for Year 5 & 6 and Fridays will be litter picking club for Years 5 & 6 in Autumn Term, Year 4 & 3 in Spring Term and Years 2 & 1 in Summer Term. 


Here is our new Eco Committee


Summer Term 2022


Battery Update June 2022

As a school, Britannia has taken part in the Duracell Big Battery Hunt. In just two weeks we managed to collect and count 7364 batteries! The children of 5D gloved up and counted through their lunch breaks. We want to thank everyone who sent in their batteries. These have all been saved from landfill, where they would take up to a hundred years to degrade and decompose but would leak acid into the environment in the process. They have all been safely recycled either by Mrs Doe at Foxhall dump, or through a battery collection service, we as a school already use. 

Unfortunately we were not winners, the lead schools in the Big Battery Hunt collected over 35,000 in the first two weeks!

We look forward to taking part again next year!


April 2022 - Food Bank Update


Mrs Doe is so very proud to report that the Britannia community managed to donate enough food and toiletries to fill 4 large trolleys! We have received a thank you letter which explains that some days up to 34 families are in need of a food bank donation which will keep them going for 3 days, until they hopefully have more permanent support. Maureen at the food bank explained that the need is so great in our area at the moment, that FIND's shelves are at an all time low and they are currently receiving 20 new referrals every day. 

So they are extremely grateful for our donations.

Should you wish to help further, please see FIND's website: 

Raising money for WWF and Red Cross/Ukraine

Don't forget that this Friday, 1st April, you can purchase new and second-hand items from some of the Year 5 pupils who are raising money equally for the WWF and the Red Cross. 

Food Bank Donations - 5&6th April. 

In Global Learning the children have been learning about Sustainable Development Goals 1&2, No Hunger and Poverty. Mrs Doe has been in contact with a local charity and foodbank called Find who help those in our local area who do not have enough money to buy essential items. The children have designed posters asking parents and staff to donate. Check out our posters, you can donate food, animal food and toiletries on the last two mornings of term, by bringing them to the Bell Door on the Bell Door Playground. These will then be dropped off to Find over the next couple of days to help people in our local area. 


This term our Year 5s have been helping to weed the raised beds that the afterschool Eco Club planted up in the autumn. They have been giving up half an hour of their time on their Monday lunchbreaks along with Mrs Doe and Mrs Hogan. The beds are now looking pretty good and we are hoping that the nice weather we have had will encourage the plants to grow. 

We have other plans too.... We will be planting some more plants in the raised beds including ground cover and taller plants at the back. In the summer term, each class will be given a class plant (probably a spider plant) to look after. 

We now have a greenhouse which some of Mrs Doe's class helped to put together and will help us as we develop our gardens and the variety of things that we grow. 

Litter picking

Years 6, 5 and 4 have all had their chance to take part in the Friday litter picks. Year 3 are currently taking their turn until Easter. It is very popular, with a good turn out each Friday from 1.30. 


Spring Term 2022


Autumn Term  2021.

Eco Schools is a Global Programme with 19.5 million children across 70 countries involved! Here in England it is run by the team at Keep Britain Tidy. 


Last year our school did many things to work towards the coveted Eco Schools Green Flag, which we were very proud to achieve in July just before we finished for the summer! 


Britannia Eco Committee

The new Britannia Eco Committee has been voted in. One pupil from each class has been chosen by their classmates and have already met to share ideas on what they would like the school to do over the next two years while we work at keeping the Eco School Green Flag that we worked so hard last year to achieve. 

The Eco Committee have been waiting for the Eco School Portal to open to complete a school environmental review so they can decide which of the 10 eco topics to focus on for this next two years. They will be meeting again soon to undertake the environmental review and put a final action plan together.

Afterschool Eco Club

Mrs Doe was very busy in the first 3 weeks back after the summer, contacting local nurseries asking if they could help provide plants for our empty raised boarders. Mr Howlett, the caretaker, had some sad news - Box Moth had devastated the Box Plants at the front of school and all 13 were lost. We were very lucky that Victoria Nurseries in Ipswich and Laurel Farm Garden Centre, Henley, Ipswich kindly donated the school a selection of evergreen plants. Mrs Doe and her husband prepared the raised beds after school one evening. 

The after-school Eco Club has been very busy planting the donated plants in the raised beds in the middle playground and at the front of school. They have also taken baby spider plants from the parent plants already in school to pot on and have re-potted some new plants Mrs Doe has bought with the Eco budget. Our school is becoming a very green place.