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Handwriting Lines








At the bottom of this page, you'll find Handwriting Lines.pdf document.

It's easy to view and print. You can save it on your computer ready for future use. 



There are four different pages/sheets, choose one depends on your preferences.



All of the sheets have lines that your child is already familiar with.

We introduced these lines to prepare your child to Year 1 expectations.

Because of the national lockdown, we stopped at the stage 3/4 where we have lines which are not yet merged.


We recommend that your child practise writing their name daily. If they are confident with their first name, challenge them with writing their full name. Very confident writers who use their phonics knowledge independently and do not need much of your support, are expected to form letters correctly and their whole work should look neat. 

Year 1 writing targets include the content and the presentation. 

Make sure your child does not stretch their writing.

There should be a finger space between the letters when practising letter formation and a finger space between the words when they do literacy task. 


If you have any questions, we are here to help you :)






'I am learning about.pdf' has two pages. Both sheets have two sections, top one for a picture and the bottom one with the lines.



Page 1 with 5 lines is recommended for more confident learners (of course some of your children are capable to write more)


Page 2 with a bigger box for a picture and 3 lines is recommended for less confident learners.