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The Head Teacher

The Head Teacher 1 Miss T McKenzie

Deputy Headteacher

Mr Keith Hart
Assistant Headteacher Mr Greg Williamson
SENCO Miss Emma Campbell
School Business Manager

Mr Michael Hewstone

Chair of Governors Mr Andrew Wright



 Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage Leader Miss A Johnson  
Nursery Mrs A Webb  & Mrs B Dagge    
RJ Miss A Johnson EYFS curriculum
RR Mrs Natalia Krzywanska  
RC Mrs S Coyston Reading and writing
Teaching Assistants    

Miss J Batchelor

Miss E Topple Miss R Sparrow
Miss E Chiverton Miss L Taylor Mrs S Catlin
Mr J Rudland Miss E Marsh Miss P Newton-Wright


Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 Leader    
Year 1    
1W Mrs L Stollery  
1C Mr I Chapman DT
1J Mr D Johnson Art
Year 2      
2F Ms D Coleman EAL
2C Miss G Casburn Geography
2LP Mrs S Pulham & Miss R Lawrence ART

Teaching Assistants

Miss M Baldry Mrs E Benfield Mrs S Abbott
Mrs J Hutt Miss K Allison Miss L Gibson
Mrs E Weighill    


 Lower Key Stage 2

 Leader Mr M Booth  
Year 3    

Mrs T Ahmet &

Mr K Hart


Designated Person/Attendance/PSHE

3D Mrs C Davies Science & Computing
3P Mr K Palmer History
Year 4    
4B Mr M Booth MFL
4MB Miss M Bridges Writing
4S Ms E Morton Clements  

Teaching Assistants

Ms J Durrant Miss S Howe Miss K Drury
Mr S Tee    


Upper Key Stage 2

Leader  Mrs H Jordan  
Year 5    
5T Mr P Turner  PE/Clubs
5M Miss K Mason Eco Schools & Forest school
5A Mr D Agate  
Year 6    
6B Mr J Birch Maths/Computing
6J Mrs H Jordan Reading

Miss E Campbell & Mr G Williamson

SENco Assessment/English/PAG

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Lankester Miss H Johnson Mrs S Pillar
Ms C Jacobs Mrs S Rawnsley  


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Working throughout the school

Mrs L Mutimer Mr S Topple
Mrs A Hogan Miss C Bennett
Miss C Marsh (MFL) Miss J Batchelor (EYFS)


Other staff working throughout the school

SCITT Student Ms E Morton-Clements
Community Club  Miss E Chiverton
Music Specialist Teacher  Mr J Rednall  
PA to the Headteacher/Pupil Liaison  Mrs E Chapman  
Receptionist/Admin Assistant  Miss E Keeley
Administrative Assistant Finance Mrs R Gough  
Family Liaison Officer Mrs C Naunton
Administrative Assistant /Staff Liaison  Miss A Preston
IT Systems Technician    
Librarian     Mrs M More 
Premises Supervisor Mr G Howlett
Assistant Premises Supervisor  Mr J Whent
Catering Manager    Mrs A Bates
Lunchtime Manager  Mrs L Reeve
Speech & Language Therapists Mrs J Austin & Mrs R Penso