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At Britannia Primary School we use the National Curriculum Programmes of Study (2014) as a basis to form the coverage taught in each year group. Staff use this as an outline to begin their planning, ensuring coverage for of all key areas as well as extended those that are more confident and supporting those that struggle. Staff also use Rising Stars progression statements to help with planning at an appropriate level for the pupils in their class.

Teachers produce medium term plans outlining the intended areas they propose to teach each term. 

Teachers adapt the given key objectives to reflect the class, group and individual needs. Each week we teach mental maths, times tables, number bonds and problem solving skills as well as the Mathematics lesson focus. Key vocabulary is a focus and is taught for the day/week.

The emphasis in Mathematics is on group teaching, so all children have a proportion of dedicated teacher interactivity. The direct teaching is oral, interactive and lively.  This ensures a two-way process in which pupils are expected to play an active role. Each daily lesson has a clear lesson objective.

Calculator skills are no longer taught as part of the Primary Mathematics Curriculum (2014) however as a school we will use calculators as we feel appropriate.

In KS2, pupils who are still not confident of a concept taught during the lesson have the opportunity to attend intervention on that skill on the very same day to narrow the gap and ensure that pupils have a secure understanding of the curriculum.