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An outline of the school uniform is given below with full details available in the school prospectus. 

Boys Uniform consists of: 

  • grey or black trousers (long or short)
  • white shirt/polo shirt
  • red school sweatshirt
  • dark coloured shoes (not boots)

Girls Uniform consists of:

  • grey skirt or pinafore dress or black trousers (long or short, not fashion trousers)
  • white shirt/polo shirt in summer white blouse or shirt
  • red school sweatshirt or red school or red plain cardigan
  • dark coloured low heeled shoes (not boots).
  • Girls have an alternative summer uniform of a red and white short sleeved dress, either check or stripe.

Hair of over shoulder length should always be tied back.

The items shown below can be purchased direct from the school office.


Uniform 1 Sweatshirts - 24"-32" - £8.50 34" and above - £9.50
Uniform 2 Cardigans - 24"-32" - £9.50 34" and above - £10.50
Uniform 3 Red £5.00
Uniform 4 Red £4.50
Uniform 5 Caps and Legionnaires Caps - £4.00
Uniform 6 Red £2.50
Uniform 7 Fleece (for outside games) - £12