Developing Responsible Citizens, Confident Individuals and Independent Learners 

Our Values and Aims:

Responsible Citizens
Nurture respect for themselves, others and the environment.
Build relationships and a learning culture of collaboration and sharing.

Confident Individuals
Have the courage to take risks and the resilience to cope with the challenge.
The belief in their own capability to influence their own futures.

Independent Learners
Enable learning capacity to flourish by recognising all children as active learners, capable of being resourceful given supportive conditions.
Plan experiences and opportunities that promote creativity through a curriculum rich in the Arts, Science and Technology, Humanities, Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Health, Mathematics, Language and Citizenship.

British Value Statement


Bulletin Board

This is how much we have raised by selling our Britannia Calendar!
Thank you to all of you who bought one.


Let us know by Friday 30th January if your Y5 child wishes to take part.

Sainsbury's Vouchers
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Monday 28th January 2015 - Tuesday 5th May 2015.

School Catering menu Jan to Easter


New School Catering Menu


KS1 Shared Reading

From January 2015 Shared Reading will take place on the last Monday of each month.


Safety Tools for On-line Services

As part of the recently publicised  Internet Safety Website, there is a really useful guide to On-line service safety including social networking CLICK HERE to access it.


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Latest Sports News at Britannia can be found by CLICKING HERE or to view Photographs click on GALLERY - SPORTING SUCCESSES.  A review of the most recent Sports Activities at Britannia Primary can be found by Britannia Sports Newsletter CLICK HERE for the latest edition. 


Please CLICK HERE for information about Free School Meal eligibility.


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Fax: 01473 729054

Head Teacher:
Miss T McKenzie





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