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Year 2 Home Learning Plan 2020/21

Year 2 Home Learning 18.02.22

Dear Year 2 parents and carers,

Please find below the home learning tasks for today's school closure. 


We hope you all stay safe in these conditions and hope that all the children and their families have a great half term!


From Miss Casburn, Miss Jay and Miss Bridges. smiley


In maths this week, Year 2 have been working on tally charts and pictograms. 


Please find below the maths lesson video to watch and the accompanying worksheet. 


Click on the link below for today's English task. 

Reading Comprehension 

Here is a reading comprehension for you to complete. There are three levels for you to choose from (3 star is the hardest - try and challenge yourself with this one) 


The answers are on here too, so you can mark your comprehension after you have finished. 


For geography today, we were planning on writing a route for our character to follow using the maps we created it geography. As these maps are in school, you will have to create another map using your OS map symbols (remember to add a key and your compass rose!)


Using your map, write down a route for your chosen character to follow by using your compass point directions. e.g. Billy will start at the carpark and travel north until he reaches the woodland. Then, he will travel east until he reaches the railway station. Finally, he will travel south until he reaches the nature reserve.


Try and start your sentences with your time adverbials:






Under The Sea - Key Stage 1 Virtual PE Lesson - Health and Fitness

Under The Sea Kids Yoga 🐬 Yoga Club (Week 19) | Cosmic Kids

In the video below, Miss Jay is showing the children how to access the Britannia website and Year 2 page. The video also shows the children how to access each home learning task and the resources they will need for each video. We really hope this video will help with the children's independence at home when completing home learning. smiley

How to use the Britannia website and the Year 2 page

Here is a great suggested timetable for home learning that you can follow or adapt to give your child's day some structure.