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Wednesday 6th January

Daily Timetable 

English 6 01 21


Wednesday crayon reading video


Below is a video for Wednesday's Maths lesson.

This lesson is a practical lesson which your child should follow along with and pause when needed to complete any activities. All your child will need is: some counters (sweets, toys, pasta shells etc), some paper, a pencil and a ruler.


06 01 21 Maths

RWI videos for children in orange group, yellow group, blue group and grey group are coming soon ...

If you are in the English group, please complete the reading comprehension below:

You don't need to have this as a printed copy and can just write the answers on a piece of paper.

Foundation subjects - History 

Please see below an information PowerPoint about the Titanic. This is split into two parts, the first part is for today and the second part is for tomorrow. 


After reading the information please write a diary entry explaining what life was like on the Titanic using the picture prompts to help you.




14 05 20 Story time with Miss Jay - Mr Big

Daily Physical Challenge 

Saturday Morning Yoga | Under the sea 🐙

Saturday Morning Yoga will take you under the sea! Meet Squish the Fish, join Jaime in Deep Sea Brain Breaker and try your yoga skills during Super Yoga. Nam...

Daily Creative Challenge 

In our new History topic, we will be learning about the Titanic. 


Try creating the Titanic using junk modelling materials from around your home