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Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Cursive Handwriting


SPaG task - Optional extra.

If you need to practise adding 'and' watch the SPaG video for some extra practise. 

If you are confident with adding 'and' move straight to English part 2.

English part 1 - SPaG. 

Today's lesson is focused on making sure both clauses are connected. 

We will start by remembering the four rules needed to be followed to add and correctly to a sentence. 

We will then look at Mrs Stollery's sentences and correct them to make sure that both clauses make sense.

The task today is to write a sentence to match the pictures on the SPaG sheet, adding 'and' correctly to each sentence.


English part 2 - Today we are starting to write a new non-fiction fact file about Giraffes. 

For the first part of the lesson, on the video, we look at collecting some facts about giraffes. 

We then record our own ideas about what giraffes look like - remembering to collect interesting adjectives.

We will then use our ideas to write sentences about each part of the giraffes body. 


Remember to check you have used the tool kit to write your sentences. 


You can use the sheets to collect your ideas and write your sentences, or you can use line paper to collect your ideas then write your sentences.





Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 90-92

If your child needs some more practice, they can complete the activity below;



Story Time

Storytime - Beegu