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Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Cursive Handwriting

Good morning Year 1.

Mrs Stollery has made a mistake in handwriting.

She has spelt venom without the m. 

Even grown ups make mistakes. 

Can you please correct her mistake and write venom?

Mrs Stollery 



Today, I introduce a new poem about a penguin. If you haven't got a printer, don't worry - in the video, I model using a plain piece of paper to do the activity. We are going to using our Super 6 skills to help us to understand and discuss the poem. 

1. First we are going to visualise - we will listen to the poem and then draw the pictures we are imagining in our head as we listen. 

2. Second, we are going to use monitoring - copy down 3 words from the poem you don't understand. Find out the meaning and draw a picture of what it means to help you to remember the meaning. In the video, I model using the context to find out the meaning. 

3. Now you understand more of the words, has the picture you're imagining in your head changed? You can add to your picture you did in step 1 if so. 

4. Finally, write down some words or groups of words that you like/enjoy listening to. Why do you like them? Listen to me model talking about the parts of the poem I like and then discuss with someone else in your family. 



Pages 47-49 - Solving word problems and picture problems.


If your child if finding it tricky and would benefit from some more practice, they can also complete the strengthen challenge


Story Time


Children's mental health week

This afternoon you have a screen free challenge.

Task 1 - Watch the whole school assembly.

Task 2 - Spend the afternoon doing something you enjoy away from any screens.

Here are some ideas of things you could do:

  • Go for a walk with your family, you could ride your bike or scooter.
  • Bake a tasty treat - bread, cakes, biscuits, rusks.
  • Prepare and cook a fancy meal for your tea.
  • Build a masterpiece using lego, bricks or something constructive.
  • Create a piece of artwork, using pencils, pens, paints, paper, fabrics, stickers.
  • Create a magical story and act it out.
  • Set up a karaoke for the family to join in.
  • Have an indoors teddy bear picnic with your toys.

The possibilities are endless - spend the afternoon doing something you love.