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Wednesday 27th January 2021

Cursive Handwriting


We recommend doing geography first today as we will be writing whereas English is a practical lesson.

Activity: Make a poster comparing Ipswich with Antarctica. 


Print the template or get a piece of your handwriting paper/other lined paper and write along with me. My video will help you. 


Powermaths page 32-34



Task: Today you are going to learn your new story by using your story mountain as a prompt.

First, use your story mountain to change the three characters on your first story map you drew last week.

Draw the pictures of your three new characters on the posted notes and stick them on the top of the old three characters (Betty, Hetty and Netty). You can add some exciting adjectives next to the pictures.

Then, practise retelling your new story using the same structure and language pattern of Spaghetti for a Yeti but inserting your new characters in your oral rehearsal. 

Story Time