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Wednesday 24th February

Daily Timetable

24 2 21 English

Please watch the video below where Miss Casburn creates some of her story map for 'How the Kangaroo and Wallaby got their tails'smiley

You'll need the story map you started yesterday, a pencil and some colours to create yours at home!

Wednesday Story Map


Wednesday reading 24 02 21


24 02 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Science

Today we are going to learn about life cycles.


1. Watch the video with Miss Casburn talking through the learning for today!

2. Look at the first PDF if you want to look again at what Miss Casburn talked about.

3. Watch the youtube video below showing the life cycle of a butterfly.

4. Look at the second PDF and either print, cut, stick and label or draw and label your own butterfly life cycle.

24 02 21 Science

Butterfly: A Life | National Geographic

Great Migrations: Rhythm of Life: out the lifecycle of a monar...


Story time - Arthur

Daily Physical Challenge

'5 Alive' Kids Workout | The Froggy Coach | The Body Coach TV

These quick 5-minute workouts are designed for kids to get them moving and having fun 😀

Daily Creative Challenge 
Create a craft inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly!