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Wednesday 24th February 2021

Cursive Handwriting

Wednesday 24th February


English part 1 - This is a short SPaG warm up. Learning how to add the word and to join two clauses. The short video explains the four rules we need to follow to add and correctly. 

To practise following the rules there is a task to rewrite two short clauses into one longer sentence using and.

Remember to use a capital letter and a full stop in your sentence.


English part 2 - This term we are looking at a non-fiction text to learn how to write fact files.

Today we are learning a new text, read by Mrs Stollery. 

After listening to the text you will need to 'box up' the text to help you to remember it.

You can use the PDF to box up the text or you can draw your own table to box up the text into.


You will need to draw pictures to remind you of each part of the text and you may want to add some verbs and adjectives to help you to remember the sentences.


You can use your piece of work to practise saying and acting out the non-fiction text.


Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 73-75

If your child would benefit from some extra practice, they can also try the strengthen challenge below;



Story Time