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Wednesday 20th May 2020

RWI Phonics + Reading





The winners are....1S


Well done 1S! You had the most children taking the quiz! It was so close yesterday - any class could win tomorrow!


Enjoy Mrs Stollery reading Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. 

At the weekend, I went for a walk through Holywells Park and up to the waterfront. I had to look very carefully and walk quietly so that the animals were not scared away.

I saw lots of animals; (See photo collage left to right)





-Large fish (at the waterfront)



-Insect (I'm not sure what this is)

-Tadpoles (there are hundreds in the pond at Holywells Park)

-Duck with ducklings


-Mallard Duck 


-Small fish (at the waterfront)


I wonder, what animals (including insects) can you see on your walks? or in your garden? or out of your window?


The Wonder Wednesday sharing wall link will be available on the homepage all week and throughout the half term so there is no rush.