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Wednesday 20th January

Daily Timetable 

English today will be writing up the third section of the plan you created on Friday with Miss Jay.

Make sure you have a plan with you, some paper with handwriting lines and a sharp pencilsmiley

20 01 21 English


Poetry Week! 


Below is the Reading video for today. Press play and follow along with the lesson. You will need a piece of paper and a pen to answer two questions today!

20 01 21 Reading


Wednesday maths 20 01 21

Foundation Subjects - Science

Today in Science we would like you to design and carry out your own experiment like a real Scientist!! Attached below is a template to help you smiley


Your experiment must link to materials.


Here are some ideas of what you could choose to investigate:

- Which material sinks the most quickly?

- Which materials are/are not waterproof?

- Which material is best to stop ice from melting?


Be creative and use the investigative skills you have been learning over the last two Science lessons to help you enlightenedcool


Don't forget to make a prediction first, to record your results in a table and to record a sentence analysing your results at the end! (Use the template below to help you)


Have fun and we can't wait to see what you choose to investigate!




15 05 20 Story time with Miss Casburn - Ruby's Worry

Daily Physical Challenge 


Join in with Club mascot, Bluey in his first P.E session! Whilst schools remain closed the Club will be producing a fitness series to keep young Blues active...

Daily Creative Challenge 

Go on youtube and try a 'learn to draw video'.

First decide what you want to draw, then search for it.

For example - "Learn to draw the Gruffalo". Then follow the steps on the video to draw your picture!