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Wednesday 10th February

Daily Timetable 

Today we are going to use our storyboards from Monday to help us write up the third and fourth sections of Seth and the Captain - Chapter 2!

You will need:

- Your storyboard

- A plain piece of paper to create a story map

- The lined paper you used yesterday to start writing your story. You might need another piece to continue with today if you run out of space.


We cannot wait to see what you write and will be handing out lots of merits for excellent work.angel

10 02 21 English

Here is the link to our reading lesson today. Bring along a piece of paper and a pencil. Pause the video when you are asked to answer a question about our text - Treasure Island!

10 2 21 Reading


Today in maths, you will not need your Power Maths book. You will just need a piece of paper, a pencil and some small objects to use as counters e.g. Lego bricks or dry pasta.smiley 

Remember to pause the video and have a go at the questions as we go!laugh 

Wednesday maths 10 02 21

Foundation Subjects - Geography

Today in Geography, we would like you to have a look at the 'digimap' of Ipswich below and have a go at labelling the OS symbols that are on the map. 

1. Print out the map of Ipswich below.

2. Stick the map of Ipswich in the middle of a piece of paper. 

3. Look at the map carefully and around the outside of the map label all of the OS symbols that you can see! 

(You can use the OS symbol cards from yesterday to help you to label the map!)laugh


Story time with Miss Casburn - The Flower

Daily Physical Challenge 

Active 8 Minute Workout 4 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 135 seconds work | 25 seconds restStar JumpsTouch The SkyHigh Knee MarchingJump & TwistBoxingFront Kick M...

Daily Creative Challenge 
Create a pirate sword! You could use cardboard, then add tin foil to make it shine surprise