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Wednesday 10th February 2021

Cursive Handwriting


Did you choose whether you would like to write a poem about a seal or an albatross? 


After watching the seal and/or the albatross nature videos, we are going to collect verbs to describe what the animal does or how it moves. We will use the -ing suffix to write the verbs in the present tense and we will also be practising adding more descriptive information, in order to collect ideas for our poem. 


Choose 3-5 verbs that you have collected (after watching nature videos) and write a short phrase for each one. Try to make your phrases more interesting using adjectives/expanded noun phrases.  


Soaring through the cold, wintery air. 

Hunting for delicious fish

Relaxing on the frozen ice

Collecting food for their fat, fluffy chicks

Which animal did you choose to write about?

Choose either the seal link or the albatross link below:


Pages 64-66 - Comparing numbers of objects. 


If your child is finding it tricky and would benefit from some more practice, they can also complete the strengthen challenge.



Story Time