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Tuesday 8th December 2020

Cursive Handwriting (5 mins)

How to write the letter 'z' | Improve Your Handwriting

English - Tuesday 8th December

Draw pictures in each section to help you remember the information about the Doodle munchers. You could also add some labels. You could go back to 4:37 in the video to listen again to the information. 

Maths - Tuesday 8th December

If you can not print any of the worksheets. DO NOT worry! You child can join in drawing in the air with their finger for the number line parts and they can write the number sentences on their own paper.

Page 1 only of document below unless you would like to do lots of practice


Read your RWI book. You can find virtual RWI books on the Oxford Owl website. There are 3 for each colour. We recommend reading the same book for a week to build confidence and fluency. 


You will need to set up a free parents account on the Oxford Owl website to access the resources. 

Wonder Wood

In Wonder Wood, we have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees. 


Evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn. 


Discuss only: Can you see any trees in your garden or out of your window? Are they evergreen or deciduous? How do you know?

**At this time of year, some of you might even have an evergreen tree in your living room!


Extra Challenge (optional): Do you know the names of the trees? (e.g. oak, fir) You could draw the trees and label them with their name and whether they are evergreen or deciduous. 

Story Time 

Storytime with Miss Stannard - The Bunny of Bluebell Hill