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Tuesday 2nd March

Daily Timetable 

Tuesday English video 02 03 21


02 03 21 Reading


2 3 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Science

02 03 21 Science

In Science today we are going to use the knowledge that we gained yesterday about Australian habitats. Today we will learn about how different Australian animals are adapted to live in their habitats.


1. Watch Miss Casburn's video where she will teach you about how some Australian animals are adapted to their habitats. Look at the first PDF if you want to revisit anything that Miss Casburn talks about.

2. Look at the second PDF with pictures of the Australian animals you have just learnt about. Choose at least 3 animals.

3. Print/draw the picture and write a sentence explaining how it is adapted to its habitat.(The third PDF has sentence starters on which may help you).


This term we are starting a new unit in RSHE called ' It's OK not to be OK'. During these challenging times it is important to look after ourselves physically and mentally! heart

The Tunnel Story Time

Daily Physical Challenge 

Can you jump like a kangaroo? Can you crawl like a koala? 

Practice moving like the Australian animals you have learnt about in Science today! 

Put on some music and make up a dance routine using your animal moveslaugh

Daily Creative Challenge 
Create a handprint Clown fish painting!