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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Cursive Handwriting


English part 1 - We are continuing to practise writing sentences by adding 'and' to join two clauses.

Using the SPaG sheet (or writing the sentences onto lined paper) your task is to finish the sentences following the four rules fro adding 'and' correctly to extend a sentence.

Write the sentences and check that you have followed each rule.

English part 2 - The main task today is to write the final part of the Lion non-fiction fact file about where lions live and what they do.

The first part of the lesson is used to think about how we can add some interesting adjectives to the text to describe where the lions live. We will use these interesting adjectives to write two sentences about where the lions live. 

We will use our writing tools to write sentences using and.


For the second part of the lesson we will collect adverbs to describe how the lions sleep, hide and roar. We will then use these adverbs to make our sentences more interesting when writing about what the lions do. We will also be using the tool kit to remember to write using and to join two clauses.

Remember to read your fact file once you have finished to check that you have achieved all of the aims in the tool kit.


Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 87-89

If your child needs some more practise with understanding the vocabulary of longer, taller, shorter etc, they can complete the activity below;



Wonder Wood

Task 1

Today as a part of our Wonder Wood lesson, go for a walk and try to find some animals that live in Ipswich area.

What kinds of animals can you seen at parks, around stores and buildings, or in your own garden?

You can use the worksheet as a scavenger hunt list of animals to find. See how many of the animals on the list you can spot. Can you find a bird, squirrel or cat? Can you see any insects?

Task 2

Try to find out are these animals carnivores, herbivores or omnivores? Post your photos on our PADLET.

Story Time