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Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Cursive Handwriting


Write the second part of your innovated story - last 3 pictures on the story mountain (meeting 2nd character, meeting 3rd character and finding the yeti). You will just need paper for this lesson. The same as yesterday, I explain the task and give an example in the first 6 minutes. If your child feels confident to write their story, they can turn off the video and carry on writing their story from yesterday, using their story mountain to help them. 

If your child feels less confident, they can carry on watching my video for more support. In the final part of my video, I give sentence starters that they can copy and then they can finish the sentences with their own ideas. 

Optional: We have worked so hard on these stories, you might want to make your story into a book with a front cover. This is a short 3 minute video of me making my story into a book to give you some inspiration. Your book can look however you like, you're the author. 



Pages 44-46 - Comparing additions and subtractions up to 20

If your child if finding it tricky and would benefit from some more practice, they can also complete the strengthen challenge. 


Wonder wood.

What season are we in now? 

We have explored the Autumn season

We found:

- that the leaves had changed from green to yellow and brown,

- the smooth, flexible leaves had dried out and become crunchy,

- most of the leaves had fallen off the deciduous trees,

- the ground was wet and muddy in places.


In December, January and February it is Winter.

This month is January so we must be in Winter, but can you prove it?


What evidence can you find on your walk that it is winter?


Put on a warm coat, some gloves, scarf and hat, some warm shoes or wellies and explore the great outdoors.

When you step outside uses your senses to prove it is winter.

- What can you feel?

- What can you see?

- What can you smell?

- What can you hear?

 No tasting. 





Story Time