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Tuesday 26th January

Daily Timetable
Below is a video for Tuesday's English lesson.

Remember to bring along:

  • Your story map from yesterday and coloured pencils/pens
  • Some paper
  • A pencil/pen and different colour pen to self-mark their answers.

26 1 21 English


Tuesday reading video 26 01 21


We're continuing our work on division today laugh

Today is a practical lesson so you do not need your Power Maths book today. You will need: a pencil, some paper, some counters and a number line.

When you have finished watching the video, use the PDF document below to try some independently. You don't need to print this out. You can mark your answers when you have finished by using the second and third PDFs yes

26 01 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Science 

Today in Science we are going to be learning about the layers of the ocean! 

1. Read the information power point about the layers of the ocean.

2. Write a factual sentence about each layer of the ocean. How many facts can you remember about each layer? 


6.5.20 Story Time with Miss Bridges - Where the Great Bear watches

Daily Physical Challenge

8 Minute Kids Workout With Spiderman | The Body Coach TV

Try this 8 minute kids workout with Spiderman

Daily Creative Challenge
Have a go at making an aquarium in a box! You could use recyclable materials that you have at home such as, an egg box or a cereal box! laugh