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Tuesday 26th January 2021

Cursive Handwriting


Task: Today we are going to describe our next character that we invented on Friday.

In our story, George meets three different characters before he finds the Yeti. Describe your second character using exciting adjectives.

Sentence Starter - It had... 

Example: It had a long, spiky tail. It had sticky, slimy skin.

We're writing out character description in the past tense to support our story writing later on.


Powermaths book page 29-31

Tuesday 26th Maths


Wonder Wood

Trapped in the Ice Experiment

- Put some of your toys in a container and fill the container with water. 

- Put in your freezer to freeze the water, trapping your toys in the ice. On a very cold day, you might be able to put the water in your garden overnight to freeze it.


How will you save your toys from the ice? This experiment can get messy so outside is the best place. 

You could explore using the following to try and rescue your toys;

- cold water

- warm water

- hammers or other tools (with supervision)

- salt

- anything else you can think of


What was the fastest way of melting the ice?  

You could send your teacher a short video of you explaining your findings. 



Story Time