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Tuesday 23rd February

Daily Timetable

Welcome to a new unit of English! We will be studying Australia this half term, so have chosen to study an Aboriginal Dreamtime story. 

It is all about a battle between a Wallaby and a Kangaroo. You might want to watch the YouTube video below first to see how vicious Kangaroos can be!! surprise

There is a worksheet you can print for English today, or just write the words out from our video lesson.


Kangaroo Boxing Fight | Life Story | BBC Earth

For male Kangaroos the greatest threat comes from within their own society and there is only one keen lesson to learn, he must become a fighter. Watch this s...

23 2 21 English

Please watch the video below where Miss Casburn creates some of her story map for 'How the Kangaroo and Wallaby got their tails'smiley

You'll need a piece of paper, a pencil and some colours to create yours at home!

Tuesday Story Map


Tuesday Reading 23 02 21


We are continuing with our  'Statistics' unit in Maths today! We are going to use our knowledge of tally charts to create pictograms todayangel

You will need:

- Some plain paper

- A pencil

- A green pen

- Power Maths Book 2B

23 02 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Science

Today we are going to do some new learning in Science! 


1. Watch the video with Miss Casburn talking through the learning for today!

2. Look at the first PDF if you want to look again at what Miss Casburn talked about.

3. Print or draw a venn diagram from the second PDF.

4. Cut and stick the pictures or draw your own to sort them into living and non living things. What could go in the middle of the venn diagram?

23 02 21 Science

This term we are starting a new unit in RSHE called ' It's OK not to be OK'. During these challenging times it is important to look after ourselves physically and mentally! smiley

Story time with Miss Jay 'Hugh Shampoo'

Daily Physical Challenge 

Just Dance Kids 2014 I Like To Move It

Family Friendly Gaming ( is pleased to share this game play video for Just Dance Kids 2014. This is our dance gameplay ...

Daily Creative Challenge 
Create some painted/printed flowers inspired by the Science work you did yesterday!