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Tuesday 19th May 2020

RWI Phonics + Reading 


***We'd recommend leaving this until last today as it is something that could keep your child potentially engaged independently all afternoon, setting up and practising their performance. 


If you choose option 1: the puppet show.

We have made puppet shows in school before using just paper, colouring pencils, scissors. For the puppet sticks, I used straws/a drinks stirer and a wooden skewer. You can use anything straight (pencil, stick from the garden etc). 




Well done 1C - you are the winners! You had the most children taking the quiz. 


​​​​​Enjoy Mrs Coyston reading The Yoga Ogre by Peter Bently.


Don't forget to take the quiz! Which class will win next? 



After seeing all the places Fred has been this week, we wanted to ask you;

What places have you visited? What places do you enjoy visiting?

In the UK or anywhere in the World.