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Tuesday 19th January

Daily Timetable 

English today will be writing up the second section of the plan you created on Friday with Miss Jay.

Make sure you have a plan with you, some paper with handwriting lines and a sharp pencil wink

19 01 21 English


19 01 21 Reading


Tuesday maths video 19 01 21

Foundation Subjects - Science

Today's Science lesson is another exciting experiment! This time we are investigating which materials float and which materials sink. We want to find out this information so we know which material would be good to build a toy pirate ship from!


You will need:

- A selection of different materials (listed in the PDF below)

- A sink/bath tub to fill with water (ask an adult to help you with thisangel)



1. Before starting your experiment, please make a prediction about which materials you think will float and which will sink. Record this in a full sentence.

2. Carry out your experiment and record your results in a table (similar to the one shown in the PDF)

3. Answer the questions shown on the PDF to analyse your results.


Have fun!laugh



Please follow the link below to lesson 1 "Who am I?" yes

18 05 20 Story time with Miss Casburn - The Great Cheese Robbery

Daily Physical Challenge 

How many star jumps can you do in a minute?

Count your star jumps, have a rest, then see if you can beat your score!

Daily Creative Challenge

Do some printing using fruits/vegetables that you have at home (potatoes or apples work well for this).

Check with an adult firstyes