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Tuesday 15th December

Cursive Handwriting (5 mins)

English - Tuesday 15th December


Maths - Tuesday 15th December



Read your RWI book. You can find virtual RWI books on the Oxford Owl website. There are 3 for each colour. We recommend reading the same book for a week to build confidence and fluency. 


You will need to set up a free parents account on the Oxford Owl website to access the resources. 

Wonder Wood (Optional)

Feel free to save until the weekend/holidays - we'd love to see photos if you do give it a go. 

Our plan for Wonder Wood was to decorate a tree, making our own icy Christmas decorations. 


Could you make an ice decoration or decorations for a tree in your garden? Please see Mrs Stollery's photos. All you need is a recycled container (any shape), some string or ribbon, water, different colour leaves etc from outside, a freezer.


Possible discussions/lines of exploration

How long do you think your decoration will last? 

What happened to your decoration? Why?

Is there a better time of day to put up your decoration?

Is there a better season to put up these decorations? 

Did the height of your decoration make a difference? (high branch vs low branch)

Did the type of tree make a difference? (hang the decoration on a deciduous and evergreen tree - which one lasts longest?)

What will happen if it rains on my decoration?  

Vocabulary:- melt(ed), freeze, predict, deciduous, evergreen, winter, summer, weather, season

Story Time

Storytime with Mr Keeble - Merry Christmas Hugless Douglas