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Tuesday 12th January

Daily Timetable


Tuesday English video 12 01 21


12 01 21 Reading


Below is a video for Tuesday's Maths lesson.

Your child should follow along with the video and pause when needed to complete any activities. All your child will need is: some counters (sweets, toys, pasta shells etc), some paper, a pencil, a different colour pencil/pen (to mark their own work with) and their 2A Power Maths book.

12 01 21 Maths

Foundation subjects - History

Using all the knowledge you have learnt over the past week, answer the question at the top of the attached page. Try and use as many of the words on the word grid - tick of the words that you manage to include (like we do in school).


22 05 20 Story time with Miss Jay - Mrs Mole, I'm home!

Daily Physical Challenge

Proper PE with Mr Dineen - Lesson 1

This is the first of the Proper PE with Mr Dineen series, of PE lessons following the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 students. PE at home. PE for kids....

How many squats can you do in a minute?


Can you try again and try and beat your last time?


Can you challenge somebody at home?

Daily Creative Challenge 

Create some artwork inspired by the gigantic iceberg that the Titanic hit into! 

You could draw, paint, collage, create a sculpture or even create create some real icebergs in your freezer! (Don't forget to ask an adult first cheeky)