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Thursday 7th May 2020

The links on this page will go live at 4pm on Wednesday. 

RWI Phonics + Reading (approx 20 mins)

English Task (approx 30 mins) 

Handwriting (approx 20 mins)

TIP: If your child struggles with watching the video and writing at the same time, they could:

- Watch me model (they could join in writing with their finger in the air) and then write the sentence using the photo or paused screen. 


- After joining in with me, they could re-write the sentence a second time using the photo or paused screen trying to make their handwriting even better. 

Maths Task (approx 30 mins)

Task 1: Take the counting in 5s quiz 

Optional - Counting in 10s quiz


Task 2: Make your own fitness counting video to help others to learn to count. You could choose whether you want to make your video about counting in 2s, 5s or 10s. Your video could be about counting in all of these. (Watch the video for help on how to do this) 


Check our Year 1 homepage to see details of our Storytime relaunch!

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