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Thursday 4th March 2021

Cursive Handwriting


SPaG task - Optional extra.

If you need to practise adding 'and' watch the SPaG video for some extra practise. 

If you are confident with adding 'and' move straight to English part 2.

English part 1 - Today for our SPaG lesson we are using our editing skills to correct Mrs Stollery's mistakes. 

Has Mrs Stollery followed the four rules when adding 'and' to her sentences.


You can print and edit the sentences or rewrite the sentence correcting all of Mrs Stollery's mistakes.



English part 2 - For the first part of the lesson we are going to continue to collect more information about giraffes.

We are going to focus on looking at what giraffes eat and drink.

After watching a video and discussing some fact files that Mrs Stollery has found we are going to collect some ideas on what giraffes eat and how amazing their tongues are.

We will then use this information, along with the information that we have collected in science about herbivores and carnivores to write a fact file about what giraffe eat.

Remember to use your tool kits to add the key elements to your sentences, including adding and to join two clauses.


Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 93-95

If your child needs some more practice, they can do the strengthen activity below;


World book day 

Here are some suggestion for some fun activities for World book day.

(These are only suggestions you do not need to complete them all.)


Dress up as your favourite book character using objects from around your home. Send a photograph and three clues to your teacher so they can guess who you are and what book you appear in.


Decorate your own bookmark to used next time you are reading.


Share a story with someone on Zoom or Facetime.


Draw a picture from your favourite part of one of your favourite story.


Have fun.

Make a model of your favourite book character out of the junk modelling. 

Britannia Masked Reader Event - Who are the teachers behind the mask?

Story Time