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Thursday 28th January

Daily Timetable

Below is a video for Thursday's English lesson.

Remember to bring along:

  • Your story map from yesterday and coloured pencils/pens
  • Some paper
  • A pencil/pen and different colour pen to self-mark your answers.

28 01 21 English


Thursday reading video 28 01 21


We're continuing our work on division today in our new Power Maths book (Year 2 Practice Book 2B)surprise

Please watch the video first, then complete the pages of the Power Maths book (the video tells you which pages you need)cheeky

Don't forget to write the date at the top of your page and mark your work when you're done angel

28 01 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Computing

ICT lessons are taught by Mrs Mutimer. She has sent this message for you: 


Log on to Wonde (using your emoji password in your homework book) and go to Purple Mash.

Click on the Computing section.

Click on 2Code.

There are lots of coding lessons - try the 'fun with fish' lesson. 

Years 2 and 3 to do the CHIMP section

If you find it too hard go back to one of the other coding lessons.

It gets progressively harder the further you go through the lessons.

If you get stuck use the HINT. If you are still stuck email me through Purple Mash or Gmail (, letting me know which section you are on and which lesson.

When you have completed a lesson email Mrs Mutimer through Purple Mash or Gmail ( and tell her which lessons you have done.

Eco Schools

Next week (1st February - 7th February) is Interfaith Harmony Week.


The whole point of this week is to spread harmony and tolerance. The symbol for this week is a blue butterfly!

The eco school committee have come up with a great idea to celebrate this as it is more important than ever in these times.

Your task is to draw/paint/collage a large blue butterfly to stick in your window at home (similar to the rainbows in last lockdown).

When you go on walks in your local area you can see how many butterflies you can spot and try to count them! 

Don't forget to send a picture of the butterfly in your window to your teacher!


There is a butterfly template attached in the PDF below if you would like to use itblush


5.5.20 Story Time with Miss Bridges - The Stinky Cheese Man

Daily Physical Challenge

Mermaids & Pirates: Yoga Club (Week 1) | Cosmic Kids

Daily Creative Challenge
Have a go at making your own ocean animal Top Trumps using the template below! Then have a go at playing your game with someone at home! laugh