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Thursday 21st May 2020

RWI Phonics + Reading


If your child does not want to draw pictures, that's fine, they can just write the words.


This plan will be to help them when writing tomorrow so if they find pictures help them to remember, draw pictures but if they find just words easier to help them to remember, that's fine too. 




Well done 1S! You are on a roll!!


It was so close again though so well done everyone. Enjoy Mrs Stollery reading Spookyrumpus!


Which class will win next? 

What is in Mrs Coyston's bag this week?


Mrs Coyston is going to talk in French to you. Join in and repeat what Mrs Coyston says when she does the 'my turn, you turn' action so you can learn some French words. You could also help Mrs Coyston to count in French. Listen carefully - see if you can start to understand some other words.


Extra Challenge: Can you find out the French names of 3-5 animals? You could even make your own what's in the bag video saying the name of each animal. 

French Friday - Qu'est qu'il y a dans mon sac? Les animaux