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Thursday 21st January

Daily Timetable 

English today will be writing up the final section of the plan you created on Friday with Miss Jay.

Make sure you have a plan with you, some paper with handwriting lines and a sharp pencilyes

21 01 21 English


Poetry Week! 


Below is the Reading video for today. Press play and follow along with the lesson. You will need a piece of paper and a pen to answer two questions today!

21 01 21 Reading


Thursday maths 21 01 21

Foundation Subjects - Computing

ICT lessons are taught by Mrs Mutimer. She has sent this message for you: 


Log on to Wonde (using your emoji password in your homework book) and go to Purple Mash.

Click on the Computing section.

Click on 2Code.

There are lots of coding lessons.

Years 2 and 3 to do the CHIMP section

If you find it too hard go back to one of the other coding lessons.

It gets progressively harder the further you go through the lessons.

If you get stuck use the HINT. If you are still stuck email me through Purple Mash or Gmail (, letting me know which section you are on and which lesson.

When you have completed a lesson email Mrs Mutimer through Purple Mash or Gmail ( and tell her which lessons you have done.


13 05 20 Story time with Miss Jay - Lost and Found

Daily Physical Challenge 
How many lunges can you do in 30 seconds? Alternate the legs you use each time. 
Daily Creative Challenge 
Draw an animal for each letter of the alphabet!laugh