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Thursday 14th January

Daily Timetable

Thursday English video 14 01 21


14 01 21 Reading


Below are the videos for Thursday's Maths lesson (two parts because I got a parcel delivered half way through filming!surprise).

Your child should follow along with the video and pause when needed to complete any activities. All your child will need is: some counters (sweets, toys, pasta shells etc), some paper, a pencil, a different colour pencil/pen (to mark their own work with) and their 2A Power Maths book.



14 01 21 Maths part 1

14 01 21 Maths part 2

Foundation subjects - Wonder Wood 

 Construct a labyrinth

Using sticks, create a maze of any size on the ground for parents and siblings to find their way around by following the paths they’ve laid.




01 06 20 Story time with Miss Jay - Mighty Small

Daily Physical Challenge

Proper PE with Mr Dineen - Lesson 2

This is the second of the Proper PE with Mr Dineen series, of PE lessons following the National Curriculum for key stage 1 students. PE at home. This weeks s...

Can you make your own fitness video? 


Maybe you could send it to a family member, friend or your teacher to complete!


Daily Creative Challenge
Design your own boat - This could be based on the Titanic, a pirate ship or something of your own imagination!