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Thursday 11th February 2021

Cursive Handwriting


Write your second poem using the same structure as 'I'm a little penguin' for support. 

Use your ideas (expanded noun phrases and verbs) collected over the past two days to help you. If you have misplaced these, you can borrow some of my ideas (in documents below video). 


Things to remember;

  • Use interesting adjectives
  • Use expanded noun phrases large, round eyes (Remember the comma)
  • Use the -ing suffix for present tense verbs
  • Start a new sentence for each new idea
  • Play with language - you could use some alliteration sleek, slippery skin


When you have finished your poem, stand up and perform your poem in front of your family using expression in your voice.


Extra Challenge: If you would like an extra challenge, you could also include some adverbs in your poem. 

E.g. Soaring quickly through the air

Hungrily hunting for their prey

Galumphing clumsily over the cold, slushy snow


You might like to make your poems into a little poetry book. Over the holidays, if you have enjoyed poetry, you might even write more poems about other animals you like.  


Power Maths Book pages 67- 69 Comparing numbers. 

If your child is finding it tricky and would benefit from some more practice, they can also complete the strengthen challenge.


Computers - Safer Internet day.

Task 1: As a part of the Safer Internet day, please watch this short assembly with Mrs Davies.

It is very important to promote safe, responsible and positive use of internet technology.

Task 2: Make a persuasive poster that teaches other children how to stay safe online. You can use our template for your poster.


Task 1:

We are going to learn about stringed instruments this week.  Before we do, I would like you to click on the link below to listen to a story: ‘There’s a sea in my bedroom’

Task 2:

Next, please click on the link below to learn about stringed instruments and how they can be used to help tell the story:


Task 3:

Listen to the text.


The violin is the smallest instrument of the string family.  It can play the highest notes because it is so small.  To play the violin, the player rests the violin on her chin.  The viola is slightly larger than the violin, so the sound is a little deeper.  To play the viola, the player rests the viola on his chin.  The cello is larger than the violin and viola.  The player sits on a chair to play the cello.  The double bass is so large that the player needs to stand up to play it.  It plays very deep sounds because it is the largest of the four stringed instruments.

Task 4:

Colour in the pictures or draw your own pictures of the stringed instruments.  They are usually brown, the colour of wood.  However, sometimes they are be painted, so if you want to choose your own colours, that is fine.

Story Time