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Welcome to Reception at Britannia Primary School!

Spring Term Reading Challenge



To all the children who completed the reading challenge this term - what a tremendous effort! All children who finished the challenge were presented with their certificate and sticker in class assemblies. Pictured are the children in Panda's class who by far had the most children completing the challenge this term. 

Don't worry if you haven't completed the challenge yet, as another challenge is starting in the summer term. Any book you read can count towards the challenge so remember to visit the library or look on your own book shelves at home for titles that meet the challenges. New challenge sheets will be sent out early on in the summer term. 

Picture 1
We enjoyed visiting Year 1 to share our Talk for Writing books that we have written. This helps us to get used to the Year 1 classrooms before we start in September. More visits like this will planned during the summer term. 

Sharing our work with Year 1

Sharing our work with Year 1 1
Sharing our work with Year 1 2
Sharing our work with Year 1 3
Sharing our work with Year 1 4
Sharing our work with Year 1 5
Sharing our work with Year 1 6
Sharing our work with Year 1 7
Sharing our work with Year 1 8
Sharing our work with Year 1 9
Sharing our work with Year 1 10
Sharing our work with Year 1 11

Our first school trip was a huge success. The children enjoyed a day learning about the animals, and fed them too. The sun was shining for us but it was still very cold ... but we didn't have one single complaint!!! The staff at the farm commented on how well behaved and interested the children were. We were very proud of them all. 


Thank you to all parents for supplying lunches and warm clothes for the day, and to the parents and grandparents who helped on the day, your support it is much appreciated.


We are hoping to plan another trip in the summer term, but this time to the beach!

Jimmy's Farm Trip

Jimmy's Farm Trip 1
Jimmy's Farm Trip 2
Jimmy's Farm Trip 3
Jimmy's Farm Trip 4
Jimmy's Farm Trip 5
Jimmy's Farm Trip 6
Jimmy's Farm Trip 7
Jimmy's Farm Trip 8
Jimmy's Farm Trip 9
Jimmy's Farm Trip 10

Reading Challenge Certificates

Reading Challenge Certificates 1
Reading Challenge Certificates 2
Reading Challenge Certificates 3

It has been a very busy but enjoyable autumn term and we are so pleased with how well the children have settled into school. They have all played very hard and are now ready for the Christmas break. 


Thank you to all families for the kind gifts, cards and words. We send our best wishes to you all for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Reading challenge

Congratulations to all the children who completed the reading challenge this term. Today certificates and stickers were issued to those children who completed the challenge. A new challenge will commence in the new year so watch out for it in January! 



We are delighted with how hard the children have worked and are pleased that nearly all children are now ready to begin to read! The children will begin their new group in the new year. 



Today observations for the term were emailed to all parents in reception. We hope you enjoy seeing a 'snippet' of your child's learning this term. 




We start the new year with a new theme about Animals. We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Thursday 4th January 2018!



In Maths we have sung a song about Golden Eggs. This was part of our theme of Jack and the Beanstalk and we sang about golden eggs falling off the wall! The song is to the tune of 10 green bottles and goes like this ...


10 Golden eggs sitting on a wall.

10 Golden eggs sitting on a wall,

But if 1 golden egg should accidentally fall,

There'll be 9 golden eggs left sitting on the wall. 


9 Golden eggs sitting on a wall ...


Have a go!

We used our fingers to find out many would be left each time. no

We have enjoyed exploring books in the reading areas. We are learning to take care of the books when we look at them.

We have enjoyed exploring books in the reading areas. We are learning to take care of the books when we look at them.  1
We have enjoyed exploring books in the reading areas. We are learning to take care of the books when we look at them.  2
We have enjoyed exploring books in the reading areas. We are learning to take care of the books when we look at them.  3
We have enjoyed exploring books in the reading areas. We are learning to take care of the books when we look at them.  4

Here we are practicing forming letters in paint.

Here we are practicing forming letters in paint. 1
Here we are practicing forming letters in paint. 2



The children have now been introduced to the sounds m,a,s,t,d,i,p,n,g,o,c,k,u,b,h,e,l,f. Please continue to practise recognising and forming these letters at home. We will check how many the children have remembered the week before half term.


One, two buckle my shoe...

One, two buckle my shoe... 1

Week beg:18-9-17


This week the children have been learning the sounds i, n, p, g, o. The practice sheets have been sent home throughout the week. If you have any missing please do ask for another. 


Fun Phonics Friday takes place each week and during the day the staff try to outwit the children with fun phonics activities. This week the theme was a song to DISCO. See the video below...


In maths the children have been learning to recognise and order numbers to 20, and to count carefully an amount to match a number. You can practise this at home by encouraging your child to count out objects for you such as 8 buttons from a tin or 5 sweets from the bag. 


The number rhyme this week was One, two buckle my shoe ...


Fun Phonics Friday

Still image for this video
i m p g o

Our first week

Our first week 1
Our first week 2
Our first week 3

Wednesday 13th September 2017

The children have completed their first week at school and have had lots of fun exploring their new classrooms and unlocking new areas by earning special tidy up stars. They will continue to unlock new areas each day ... as long as they keep looking after our reception!

We have started to make class promises which are displayed in the classrooms to help everyone remember. So far we promise to tidy up, be nice and to always try our best!

Each week we will update this page with new learning experiences the children have had. If you are unsure of anything then please do ask any member of staff. Mrs Catlin will be on the reception gate each morning and she can answer any general questions you may have.

The children are now in full time from 8.45am to 3.15pm. Part time children go home at 11.45 each day and can be collected from their classroom.

PE is on a Wednesday so please ensure PE kits are sent in and hung on pegs. They can stay here until half term when we send them home for washing.

School library is on Wednesday and books can be kept for 1 week. Please return school library books every Wednesday.

Forest school is each Friday and the children need to come to school in 'old clothes' with long trousers and sleeves which are suitable for going into the woods. Wellie boots and a change of shoes for indoors are essential.

Parents are invited in for class library each Friday at 3pm. Please come along early through the back gate to choose a book with your child to read over the weekend.

A day at Felixstowe beach

A day at Felixstowe beach 1
A day at Felixstowe beach 2
A day at Felixstowe beach 3
A day at Felixstowe beach 4
A day at Felixstowe beach 5
A day at Felixstowe beach 6
A day at Felixstowe beach 7
A day at Felixstowe beach 8
A day at Felixstowe beach 9
A day at Felixstowe beach 10
A day at Felixstowe beach 11
A day at Felixstowe beach 12
A day at Felixstowe beach 13
A day at Felixstowe beach 14
A day at Felixstowe beach 15
A day at Felixstowe beach 16
A day at Felixstowe beach 17
A day at Felixstowe beach 18
A day at Felixstowe beach 19

week ending 10.3.17


We have had some lovely spring days this week and so have been enjoying lots more outdoor independent learning. One of the popular activities this week has been mud painting, we have been mixing water and soil  and exploring the textures on large pieces of card. Water play and the mud kitchen has had a focus of filling and emptying  to half full. Our maths work has been looking at halves. We made play dough pizzas and had a go at cutting them in half then found out how to share toys, sweets, cubes between two.  Our writing work has got us thinking, we used the book 'Would you Rather' by John Burningham and have begun to make up our own Would you Rather silly sentences.  Our teachers have been encouraging us to use our letter sounds to spell words and remember finger spaces, full stops and capital letters when writing sentences. 

week ending 24.2.17


This week we have focused on Mr Gumpys Outing by John Burrningham. We enjoyed hearing the story ands making up our own parts. We have also been reading a book which involved lots of adding ' One is Snail, ten is a Crab'. we used the pictures to make up our own number sentences. Our teachers have re organised our Read Writ inc groups and some of us are now readniog and bringing home Ditty books and reading books. Please take time to read them with us.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 3

week ending  28.1.17


We have had 2  exciting weeks. Our theme has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have followed recipes to make porridge and tasted it, made porridge paintings, constructed chairs for bears, and created stories. Our highlight was a visit from a puppet theatre. We enjoyed the story telling and had great fun exploring the different puppets.  



Happy New Year to you all.  The reception staff want to thank all the children and their families for the lovely Christmas gifts and cards, we were really spoiled as ever.   We have started our spring term in full flow and welcome a few new members to our team,  Mrs A Ranson is now teaching in Rabbits class for the rest of the year and Mrs Webb now works with us to run  intervention groups. Also at the end of the autumn term  Mr R Pickett  joined us as a Support Teacher for reception and is currently based in Foxes class. We have begun the term with a traditional tales theme and a focus on  Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We are looking forward to exploring the story more with a visit from a puppet theatre next week as well as porridge making.

Watch this space for more updates and pictures of our learning over the next few weeks.


Week ending 9.12.16


The highlight of this week was our trip to the post office. We walked to the post office and bought our own stamps and then posted our hand made Christmas cards. We hope our families will enjoy receiving and opening them. Lots of exciting things have been going on in our garden, we have been developing ideas and exploring in the Mud Kitchen, building and constructing with large boxes and big bricks and we even set up our own builders and decorators.  We have been hard at work practising for our performance, getting excited and a little nervous. Not long now to the big Ho Ho!


week ending 2.12.16

This week we began our Christmas preparations. We have made our Christmas cards and worked really hard to do our best writing inside. they are now ready to take to the post office in a few days. We have also started to learn the songs for our Christmas performance, the songs are really catchy and you will probably hear us singing them at home. Our bike area has been opened up this week and we have enjoyed developing our physical skills on the bikes, trikes and scooters. We now await the opening or our lovely new Mud Kitchen, built with the help of Tesco workers and our school maintenance team. Looking forward to another fun filled week.


Week ending 25.11.16


This week the weather has been colder and the sky grey but we have been outside developing our play and learning in the garden. The footballs and goal has been a huge success, we shared new ball skills and introduce a red and yellow card which got us thinking about fair and safe play.  Also we have been inviting our teachers to come and join in with our musical show, singing our favourite songs and exploring the garden instruments.  Lots of discussion was generated when our teachers asked us to think about what would happen if Arnold, our pet snail, lost his shell. We all had some fab ideas and spent a busy afternoon drawing, writing and creating. 

On Fridays we now have our class library and get to take home a new book for the weekend. Thank you grownups for coming a little earlier on a Friday to help us choose a book, its working really well and we love hearing one of the books being reviewed on a Monday.  Please do help us to look after our books and remember to return them on  Monday so we can all select a new one at the end of the week. 


week ending 18.11.16

This week we have been getting to grips with our new morning routine. We are becoming more independent by coming into the classroom by ourselves and putting away our things. Our teachers have been teaching us some new songs to help us settle and get on with the day.

Through out the week we have been problem solving by helping elephants cross the swamp and rescuing dinosaurs from trees! This generated lots of discussion, team work, writing and drawing. We have been practising our number skills by singing  ten fat sausages and had a go at writing numbers and number sentences. 

Friday was a really busy day with Children in need biscuits, learning how to whittle sticks with Miss Mason in the Wonder Wood and a visit from  Rosa's mum Gita to tell us all about Diwali. She showed us a diva lamp and read us the story of Rama and Sita. We also all got to take home some Indian sweets. 

Looking forward to next weeks learning.


Week ending 11.11.16

Another busy week.  We have been using our new story baskets to make up our own stories and our teachers showed us how to write down some of the words the characters might be saying in speech bubbles. We also had opportunity to share our special things we brought into school in our chatter bags, we had so much to say, it was really interesting to hear what our friends thought too.  During our maths sessions we went shopping in our class bakery. We practised our careful counting skills to find the right number of coins for the cakes, some of us even wrote numbers to make price tags. Our week finished off with a special autumn treat in the wonder wood - hot chocolate. After a busy session exploring it warmed us up perfectly - yum!

Reception wk. end 4.11.16


We have had a very exciting and eventful week in Reception for Rabbit, Frog and Fox classes. We have been looking at the story of the Gingerbread Man and focusing on the importance of recalling and sequencing the story orally. The children have had an opportunity to design, make and eat their very own Gingerbread Man which they thoroughly enjoyed!  We looked at the skill of careful counting and tallying in numeracy and recipe instruction writing in literacy.

We went on a Gingerbread Man hunt in our environment and found the Gingerbread Man hidden in the Fox’s lair!  Children have been junk modelling and painting pictures of the Gingerbread Man and the characters in the story.  Outdoor learning has been very stimulating for the children this week. They have been making their own Gingerbread Men from play dough and selling them to their friends in our outdoor bakery. Children have worked together in the outdoor area to create their own obstacle course for the Gingerbread Man using natural materials.

We had our first parent’s book share afternoon which was a great success in Reception and we look forward to sharing a book review next week from the children!


Thank you,


This Week in Reception... 


Week Ending 13th October:

We have had a fun week in Reception!  On Monday the children were surprised to come in and find a giant beanstalk in the shared area.  Suspended from the top of the beanstalk was a pair of giant wellies!  The children were introduced to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and have spent the week retelling the story in various ways.  The children were challenged to come up with their own stories which they told to their teacher... they had some fabulous ideas! 

In maths, the children have continued to learn about addition and were introduced to numicon, a great tool in the teaching of maths. 


Thank you to everyone that attended parents evening on Wednesday.  We look forward to meeting more of you this week! 


Week Ending 7th October:

This week the children have been introduced to 'Professor Challenges' Super Adding Machine!'  The children have been learning how to add objects together and some have even had a go at writing number sentences!  We will continue with this next week.  We have been using Talk Partners in our classes this week and the children are learning how to be excellent speakers and listeners when discussing with their talk partner.  We will  continue with this throughout the year. The teachers have brought in 'interesting and unusual' objects to encourage discussion... this has been working well and the children have some interesting ideas and suggestions! 


Please remember that it is PD Day on Friday (14th). 


Week Ending 30th September: 

What a fun week we have had in Reception!  Following the children's interest from being in the Wonder Wood last week, our focus text this week was Stick Man by Julia Donaldson.  The children got to make a stick man, had the opportunity to retell the story using their stick man and they also sketched their stick man in their brand new sketch books!  In maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties.  The children were drawing around the shapes and making some fantastic pictures, including rockets, cars and houses.  In the Wonder Wood this week the children were doing bark rubbings and leaf rubbings and using some fantastic descriptive words when talking about the texture of the bark and the leaves! 


Week Ending 23rd September:

This week we have been learning about capacity.  The children have been using the vocabulary of full, empty, half full, half empty and over flowing! There have been lots of independent learning opportunities for children to use this vocabulary, including rice, water and sand. In PE, the children played some simple instruction games with their teacher, getting the children use to the new environment and routine of PE.  Please ensure all children have their earrings removed on a Monday for PE, otherwise they will not be able to participate. 

In Forest School, the children worked in pairs to make a journey stick of 'interesting objects' that they can find in the Wonder Wood.  The children then showed their class their journey stick and explained what they had chosen and why.  All classes will continue to do Forest School on a Friday for the next 2 terms. 


Week Ending 16th September:

The children are continuing to settle in well to school life, despite being very tired by Friday! The children are becoming familiar now with the routine of the day, beginning to form new friendship groups and feeling more confident at lunchtimes.  Rabbits and Foxes began Forest School yesterday and they visited the 'Wonder Wood' for the first time.  In the wood this week we concentrated on our senses - what we could hear, see, smell and touch.  The children came up with some fabulous responses! All classes will do Forest School for 2 terms.  In Maths, we have been counting to and back from 10 using our fingers, a counting stick, songs and some fun games!


If you missed the Read Write Inc talk on Tuesday, please find the presentation on our page. If you have any questions or concerns about this, or any other issue, please speak to your child's class teacher. 


Week Ending 9th September:

This week our focus has been on settling the children in to school.  The children have had the chance to explore all the areas, both inside and out, as well as time to get to know the Teachers, Teaching Assistants and the other children in Reception.  In class this week the children have been coming up with suggestions for their class name.  We all decided that we would have a class name linked to animals that live in the forest.  From Monday, RJ will be called Frogs, RI will be Foxes and RM will be Rabbits.  


Next week we have requested for children to bring in a family photograph to share with their class.  This photo will then be displayed in their classroom.  If you have any problems with this, or if you have any other issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's Class Teacher or Miss Johnson, EYFS Phase Leader.  


Read Write Inc Presentation 13/9/16