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Monday 7th December 2020

Cursive Handwriting (5 mins)

We are currently teaching pre-cursive letters. This means the letters have their joins but they do not join together. 

Practise writing the letter /y/

Remember to start with your pencil on the line

If you can not print, don't worry. You can use regular paper - just make sure your child starts with their pencil on the line.

English (20-30 mins)

English Monday 7th December

Today we were due to our cold task for English. The children usually write independently for their cold task and it helps us to know what to teach them next. 


TASK: Write about your favourite animal. 

Use these sentence Starters to help you: 

They have...

They eat...

They can...


There are 3 worksheets below. Your child only needs to do one! Please contact your child's class teacher if you are unsure which worksheet is appropriate for your child. 

Worksheet A - For children who are confident remembering and writing their own simple sentences

Worksheet B - For children who need some support to write a sentence. 

Worksheet C - For children learning to sound out and write words


Maths (20-30 mins)

Maths Monday 7th December

If your child struggles with the maths problems in the video, they can do this sheet instead.


Follow the link and select which colour books you child is on. 


You will need to set up a free parents account on the Oxford Owl website to access the resources. 


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Religious Education

Story Time

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