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Monday 22nd February 2021

Welcome to our virtual zoo trip day!

Suggested Timetable below:

Please feel free to complete in an order that suits you. 

Click on the playlist link below to access the day's videos:

Activity: Fold a piece of paper into 6 parts. In each part, draw each animal you see. 

What do they look like? Can you label your picture of them with any adjectives? E.g. tall, spotty

What were they doing? At the bottom of each part, write a verb or verbs to describe what they were doing. E.g. eating, drinking, sleeping

Map Making Activity:

We hope that you have enjoyed our virtual trip to Chester Zoo! What was your favourite animal? 


Now we are all going to become zookeepers! It's your turn to design your own zoo. What animals would you have at your zoo? 


Activity: Draw a map of your zoo, with a route that lets everyone see all of your animals.

First, decide which animals you would include in a zoo of your own, what else would you need in a zoo? Would you have a café, a shop anything else? 


For an extra challenge, you could draw your map, including symbols with a map key or using gridlines and coordinates? You could use your coordinates to explain to a family member where to find each animal. Look at the Chester Zoo map and some of our examples of the zoo maps below. 

Why not make your zoo using lego, blocks, recycled boxes, natural objects in the garden.