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Monday 1st March

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01 03 21 Reading


1 3 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - Science

01 03 21 Science

We are going to learn about Australian habitats in Science today!

Australia is a huge continent and there are so many different habitats full of wildlifesmiley

1. Look at the first PDF about Australian habitats.

2. Choose 3 habitats and write a few sentences about each one, explaining what you now know about the habitat.

The second PDF document is what we would use in school. We would do the writing on the attached lines, then stick the picture of that habitat over the top like a 'lift the flap' book laugh Please feel free to use this, or just draw a picture of the habitat and write sentences underneath! 



Peace at Last Story Time

Daily Physical Challenge 

Kickapoo the Kangaroo | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure with Kickapoo the Kangaroo about being polite, saying 'hello' and not judging people on their appearance. ⭐ Sign up for FREE acc...

Daily Creative Challenge
As we are learning about Australian habitats, try and make a model of the Great Barrier Reef! Here are some pictures for some inspiration smiley: