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Monday 1st March 2021

Cursive Handwriting


English part 1 - Revisiting the four rules needed to add 'and' correctly to our sentences.

First we will look at the four rules to see how much we have remembered.

Then we will look at finishing a sentence, starting with a clause given by Mrs Stollery and adding our own clause to show our understanding of how to use 'and' to join two clauses.


You can print the sheet on the website below the video or write the sentence on your line paper.


English part 2 - For the main task we will be writing part of our non-fiction text, focusing on 'What do they eat?'

First we will practise acting out the non-fiction text about lions.

Then we will write an interesting text to hook the reader about what lions eat. We will start by collecting interesting adjectives to add to our text, before practising writing sentences about what lions eat using 'and' to join two clauses.

We will then look at the tool kit that we need to follow to write a quality piece of writing. 

After writing the non-fiction fact file you will need to read your writing to make sure it is the best piece of writing you have ever written.




Power Maths Book 1B, Pages 82 - 84
Remember the pre-book activities do not have to be printed. The children can just write the answers on a piece of paper whilst watching the video.

If your child needs some more practice with solving word problems, they can complete the strengthen activity below;



Story Time