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Monday 1st February

Daily Timetable

English 01 02 21


Our reading this week is based on our 'Seth and the Captain' text! 

Please have a pencil and some lined paper to help you smiley

A copy of the text is attached below if you want to print and highlight it, but this isn't necessary as the video has all the information needed yes

01 02 21 Reading


We're continuing our work on division today.

You will need:

  • A piece of paper 
  • A pencil 
  • Some counters 
  • Power Maths Book 2B
  • A different colour pen to mark your work

Please watch the video first, then complete the pages of the Power Maths book (the video tells you which pages you need)

Don't forget to write the date at the top of your page and mark your work when you're done.


1 2 21 Maths

Foundation Subjects - History

Today in History we are going to be learning about a very famous, interesting pirate!yes 

You need to:

1) Read the information PowerPoint below about Blackbeard the pirate.

2) Create a wanted poster about Blackbeard - pretend he has ran away and the police are looking for him! You are welcome to use the wanted poster template below or you can design your own! laugh


Story time with Miss Jay - The Highway Rat

Highway Rat PART 2

Daily Physical Challenge


Join in with our Club mascot, Bluey as he put through his paces in our third episode of P.E with Bluey!

Daily Creative Challenge 
Have a go at making a crab out of a toilet roll tube! winkcheeky