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Monday 18th May 2020

RWI Phonics + Reading (approx 20 mins)

English Task (approx 30-40 mins) 

English 18th May - Fred's Amazing Adventure

Warning: Some flashing images are used in this video for short periods

Handwriting (approx 20 mins)

Maths Task (approx 30 mins)


Well done 1JC! You did it! You had the most children taking the quiz on Friday!


Enjoy Mrs Cray reading Pete the Cat! 


Don't forget to take the quiz everyone. Which class will win tomorrow?

Challenge: Can you build, make or draw your own supersonic teleporter? 

(Nb. you'll need to have done the English task first to understand this!)

You can design it however you wish - it can look different to Fred's. Yours might have rocket boosters, be a different shape or maybe even have an escape pod. It could be small or it could be big enough for you! You decide!


You can use anything you have in your house and be as creative as your like:

- Lego or other construction toys

- Recycled boxes

- Play dough or other craft materials

- Natural materials in the garden (sticks, stones etc)

- Paint/draw/colour a picture 


Whenever you have finished, you can share a photo of your model/picture with your friends and teachers at the link below. There's no rush to finish it/do it today - you could share it anytime this week. The link will be here and on our home page.